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        • default : The last eight years are applied.
        • all : All years are applied.
        • YYYY : comma separated list of years. If the frequency of the requested indicator is monthly or quarterly, the resulting output will reflect this, e.g. 2010 will give an output of January-December or 2010Q1-Q4.
        • YYYYQn : comma separated list of year + quarter. If the indicator frequency is monthly, the output will be given in months, e.g. 2010Q2 will produce an output of April, May, June.
        • YYYYMM : comma separated list of year + month. e.g. 201007, 201507.
        • YYYY-YYYY : range of years. e.g. 1995-2015.
        • YYYYQn-YYYYQn : range of quarters. e.g. 2010Q1-2013Q3.
        • YYYYMM-YYYYMM : range of months. e.g. 201501-201606.

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